Theatre Premiere of the comedy “Predsednikova Žena”

The premiere of “Predsednikova Žena” was held on April 9 at the North Curl Curl Community Centre for Nest’s audience.

Nest is grateful to our sponsor u-Next who hosted the main premiere of this comedy for Nest viewers. Diana Jovičić is the main actress of this play, who later introduced herself to the Australian wider audience as the author and performer of this comedy and mono-drama.

Diana is a well-known actress in the Nest community. After the successful poetry evenings, which delighted this audience, this artist presented herself through this play “The President’s Wife”, which was her first auditing job. Diana played the character of Stamenka Kremenka, a woman in her forties who was trying to “catch the last train” and finally got married. Will she find the right opportunity and how will she eventually become the “president’s wife”, the plot of this comedy is very witty …

It was a great theatrical play … The audience was delighted with Diana’s performance, and with enjoyment, laughter and applause, they shouted at Diana’s end of the play.