Tatjana Kecman performed for Nest

Nest greeted Tatjana Kecman as a guest at North Curl Curl Community Centre. Tatjana is a Serbian actress who managed to visit Nest during her tour of Australia.

We were lucky to have an opportunity to meet a famous actress who, despite the busy schedule, managed to visit us and perform the play “PREKOBROJNA”. This theatrical comedy and a mono-drama is directed by Tatjana, it’s based on the novel of the bestseller “Bridget Jones’s Diary” by Helen Fielding.

This comedy satirically describes our modern society and its obsession with proving high status to its surroundings, and how it blindly runs towards the “perfect” form of life, but neglects its essence.

Our audience at the local community centre was thrilled with Tatjana’s performance.

The night before for the Sydney audience, Tatjana presented herself with a mono-drama and a hilarious comedy “10:1”, 10 reasons not to enter into a marital union and only one to do so. Through this author’s project, Tatjana raises the question of the relationship between man and woman and the position and role of women in modern society.

This “10:1” comedy was well received by the Australian audience and had a great interaction with the actress during the one-hour performance.

Tatjana’s show was greeted with a lot of laughter and applause.