Nest’s trip to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains

On October 10th 2020, Nest Walking Group enjoyed one of the most beautiful trails in the Blue Mountains, providing a fascinating view of Wentworth Falls, the Jamison Valley and many other spectacular natural attractions. Incredible sceneries with a mist of blue tones covering the valley and the dramatic roar of the waterfall attract visitors to pass through it.

A beautiful sunny day with fresh breeze made this day even more magnificent.

A group of us from the Northern Beaches, arrived at the National Park by mini-bus. That was an incredible experience…

Nest would like to thank Easylink Community Transport for helping us achieve this amazing day. We all had a great time….

Nest Inc Group explored this fascinating place by choosing a path that suits the capabilities of each member … Experienced walkers set off on a difficult path of slippery, naturally untouched stone steps over streams, sandy and rocky steps up and down, passing the challenges of a difficult path through the fascinating Valley of Water. Along the way, the group also had to use steep zigzag metal steps, pass a long low sandstone above their heads and many other obstacles. All this made this day amazing and unforgettable.

The second group, less experienced hikers, had no less beautiful walks through this magical landscape.

At the end of the walk we all had lunch at the picnic area.

Thank you all for joining us and making this walk unforgettable!