Nest’s Fourth Poetry Night with Dijana and Igor

On September 8, 2020, Nest Inc. had another wonderful evening with our very-well known and dear artists Dijana Jovičić and Igor-Hadži Jovanović. This is the fourth time that these two artists have performed in front of the Nest audience.

Lovers of poetry enjoyed the new verses presented in an artistic way by Dijana, and Igor, as we expected, entertained us with his guitar and his beautiful voice. Igor also played for the first time, in front of a wider audience, a new instrument called Kaval¹.

Nest expresses its sincere gratitude to our artists who support our humanitarian work and to all of you for your voluntary contributions.

¹Kaval is an old flute opened at both ends and made of ash wood, traditionally played by mountaineering shepherds throughout the Balkans. Kaval was brought to southern Serbia by the inhabitants of Mount Taurus in southern Turkey.