Nest Walking Group in Manly Dam

Welcome to Nest-Walking Group!!

We just had another amazing day, doing healthy outdoor activities in nature and enjoying each other’s company … Well done !

For 2.5 hours we followed the main track around the 7 km Manly Dam circle; the trail around the largest freshwater lake in Sydney … In 1892 a dam on the Curl Curl stream created this lake, which is today a popular place for hiking , mountain biking, picnicking and fishing.

A beautiful, sunny, winter day magnified the beauty of this amazing place. The Bush-walk led us down uneven paths with rocks, hills, puddles, footbridges, stairs, and so on …

We enjoyed nature on both sides of the lake, following a narrow path with high vegetation, crossing wooden bridges over several wetter-areas, enjoying the sound and beauty of the creek … following the stream, we could enjoy small, beautiful cascades of waterholes, as well as the beauty of the main waterfall hidden in a quiet corner of the forest.

The walk ended in a picnic area with Nest BBQ lunch where we could relax and treat ourselves to a drink and a wonderful barbecue with smoked sausages and cevapi … what a day …

“In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
— John Muir (1838-1914)