Nest on Sydney Harbour Cruise

Once a year, Nest organises this type of excursion… Our meeting place is at Darling Harbour.

This time we all arrived in time to board a small cruise ship. We were all in a good spirit for socialising. During the four-hour cruise, we enjoyed the spectacular sights of the harbour with live rock band music on board. By the end of our trip we ended up on the dance floor … it was a pleasant social event.

As we were all in good spirits after the cruise, we extended the fun to a few more hours, lingering in the open seating area of ​​Harm Bar & Bistro located on the water’s edge in Darling Harbour… We all had a wonderful day.

While we shared the boat with other guests, Nest could only book a limited number of seats on board at a low price … Contact us and let us know how interested you are in this type of trip. So in the future Nest would try to organise more places for our members.