Nest & Friends in action to help Anika’s fight for a long and happy life

On 17 November 2020, the Nest Inc. organised a fundraising event in support of the Foundation Budi Human, which helps little Anika get much-needed funds for the treatment of her Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) condition.

SMA is a condition affecting the muscles involved in general movement, swallowing and breathing, which progressively weaken and become wasted (atrophy) over time. A ground-breaking treatment Zolgensma is now approved for use in patients under two years old. In a single dose, which costs US $ 2.1 million, Zolgensma replaces the function of the defective or missing gene that causes SMA and enables patients to function normally.

Nest Inc. and Friends are proud to support this great humanitarian initiative of Budi human (Let’s be Humane) Foundation. On the night, we raised over $3,000 (€ 1,880), which we sent to Anika’s medical fund.

We also sent our best wishes to Anika and her family, and hope to see Anika having a long and happy life.

Getting together for this great humanitarian cause, was also an opportunity for all the Nest’s friends to socialise and enjoy live music, courtesy of Milan Gligorić and Medeks band.

Nest Inc. would like to express its sincere gratitude to all of you who contributed to this great cause. We also thank Milan Gligorić, Mirjana Amanović and Nikola Rosić for creating a great atmosphere, making the night a memorable one.