NEST Fest 2022

Theatre and Music Festival from the Balkans – just finished at the Cromer Community Centre.

Three days of great programs and for everyone to enjoy! Some great theatre performances, children programs, wonderful music concerts, documentary film night and good food from savoury staff to yummy cakes … All together made this event unique and beautiful and it is incredible that all events were free, thanks to support of NSW government and funding that Nest received, but also thanks to incredible generosity of our performers and all the volunteers who helped this Festival to be so amazing!!!

Nest Inc. thanks to all its amazing guests:

  • Dijana Jovičić and Igor Jovanović for a beautiful Theatre of Poetry. Also, special thanks to Dijana for performing in a children theatre “Krokodilovic and Mudrijasevic”.
  • Pilipenda Theatre: Sergej Kožul, Dario Moconja, Duško Trifunović i Radoslav Radović. Theatre performance: Jazavac Pred Sudom” was so well received.
  • The amazing orchestra: “Acoustic Nights Bend” and our fantastic friends: Željko, dr Blažo and Tina.
  • Thanks to Željko Glamočanin for a wonderfully entertaining Children Music Performance “Calac Profesionalac”.
  • Thanks to our artists: Radoš Stevanović and Alenka Ognjenović for their amazing contribution and for their artwork that is still possible to see at Nest Cultural Centre at Cromer. This exhibition is truly beautiful and each of the painting tell an interesting and secretive story.
  • And as “cream on top of this amazingly multi-layered cake – the Balkan Ethno Orchestra performed an incredibly beautiful and heart worming concert for everyone at the big hall of Cromer Community Centre. Thank you to all 10 people of the Balkan Ethno Orchestra. You filled our hearts with most beautiful emotions and musical notes.

We are very grateful to all of you for being with us and performing at the First Nest Festival – Nest Fest 2022.

Last, but not least: Thanks to NSW Government, Northern Beaches Council and to all our volunteers for the incredible help over three days of the festival.