Nest Annual Party 2023

  1. June 2023- was a memorable event. Lots of love and positive energy celebrating a great achievement. Fundraising that started during the tennis tournament Australian Closed 2023 now arrived to finish line. Four schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic Srpska – each to receive a valuable donation: a brand new classroom for each school – full set of new school furniture.

This will bring some smiles on many school kids faces and also will make teachers’ job bit easier too. We are very happy and proud of this fact. It was a HUGE job and we have completed it.

Please allow us to thank all our tennis players at the tournament, all guests at the Party last week, our friends Milan, Mirko & Daca for their fantastic music, Ilija and Mateja for helping around the bar, thanks Dule for tasty goulash and Makso BBQ man! A big, big thank you to all our ladies for making some wonderful food and cakes.

Also, thanks to Dr Branko, Jelena, Laci & the whole team from Central Coast for their support. Big thank you to Everex Company for being with us already 2ndyear.

Many names not mentioned here, but we know who you are! And we appreciate your help so much! We Party Well – that is the fact!