Jaca and Željko opened the event “Share Your Hidden Skills”

On Tuesday, August 25. 2020, Nest has launched a new series of events called “Share Your Hidden Skills“. Let your talent glow, believe in yourself and accept new skills without judgement, and you can always find something useful in it.

It was a good fun … we all enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere

Nest is very grateful to our first performers who opened this type of event, Jadranka Jaca Vasić and Željko Glamočanin. These two musical talents showed Nest’s audience their musical attempt as a musical duet. This performance could be the beginning of their future success as a musical duo.

We all had fun and enjoyed their performance with a beautiful selection of songs. Also, part of the fun was hanging out with participants and people from the audience.

Thank you to our musical duo for sharing their love for music.

Nest would like to express its gratitude to all who came to support the realisation of this event.