Harbour Cruise 2019 – Nest Annual Excursion

Nest organised another amazing cruise through Sydney Harbour … The cruise started in the port of Darling Harbour ….From the experience of previous years, we were excited and in the mood for good fun …The four-hour cruise passed quickly, with a beautiful view of the harbour. The performance of a rock band on board made us end up on the dance floor … we all had a good time

After the trip, we stayed for a few more hours in the open seating area of ​​Harm Bar & Bistro located on the water’s edge in Darling Harbour… It was a wonderful day.

While we shared the boat with other guests, Nest could only book a limited number of seats on board at a low price … Contact us if you are interested in a day trip with the Nest group. So in the future Nest would try to organise more places for our members.