Grand Opening of Nest’s Cultural Centre

On Saturday, 18 December 2021,

The opening of the new premises at the Cromer Community Centre is an important event for Nest Incorporated and a confirmation of the professional approach and commitment to its humanitarian goals.

An easy walk around Narrabeen lake preceded the grand opening ceremony of the Nest Cultural Centre. The opening event was attended by a large number of our loyal volunteers, friends and sympathizers, so Nest used the opportunity to hold the annual general meeting (AGM) and inform those present about the events of the past year.

Nest Cultural Centre Cromer is a meeting place for everyone and offers:

  • Cultural Events: Poetry, Theatre, Art Exhibition, Acoustic Music Evenings, etc.
  • Information Service: Anything You Need to Know, Anything You Need Assistance with. Just Ask !!
  • Café: Refreshments with Coffee, Tea, Cakes, Soft Drinks, Muffins, Fruit, or Pastries.
  • Other Offers: Office Space to Hire, Library, Quality Second-Hand Shop, Gift Shop.

Visit our new centre, we are open 7 days a week.