“Friends Night”, the Nest final event in 2020

On December 16. 2020, Nest held “Friends’ Night”, the final event for this year.

Magnificent night! A wonderful way to celebrate the end of this unusual year … Thanks again to all the donors for their kindness and support.

Our top artists and good friends gathered in one place in the North Curl Curl Community Centre. This night was led by Milan Gligorić, Jadranka Jaca Vasić, Nevena Vučković, Mirjana Amanović, Mira Lukić, Dr. Goran Zuba Pećanac, Srđan Divjan, Nikola Rašić, Vlada Munja, Josie Zarb and Igor Jovanović. These wonderful artists have created a wonderful atmosphere full of positive vibes that have touched our souls.

Thank you to our artists and everyone in the audience for being with us and for supporting our humanitarian goals.

See you again in January at our upcoming event, Australian Closed 2021 – the annual Nest fundraising event.