Dr. Simo Jović about Health of Spine, Bones, and Mobility

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Nest’s community had a chance to hear about the health of our spine, bones, and mobility. Nest is extremely grateful to our special guest Dr. Simo Jović, who introduced us to chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Jovic, a chiropractor, explained to us that the main belief in chiropractic medicine is that the body has the ability to heal itself if it is given appropriate support. Also, we have heard that many health problems can occur due to vertebral misalignment, so chiropractors usually use different methods of physical manipulation to bring the joints and spine back into alignment. Also, chiropractors recommend exercise and provide advice on health and nutrition.

Thank you all for your great support, especially Multicultural NSW for sponsoring this event.

Dr. Jovic lives and works in Dee Why and is continually active in the community supporting numerous charities.

Dr. Simo Jović

Suite 5, 29 Howard Avenue Dee Why, NSW, 2099
Phone: 02 9982 8188
E-mail: info@mychiropractor.net.au