2021 Nest’s Humanitarian Actions

Tešanj – JU Centre for Children and Adults with Special Needs (Bosnia and Hercegovina – BiH)

The Tešanj Centre provides services for 400 users from all over the canton from birth to adulthood.
The Žepča / Maglaj Day Centre is a business unit for 75 users from the municipalities of Žepča,
Maglaj and Zavidovići, where support was urgently needed and where Nest Inc., in cooperation with
the Executive Director of this institution, submitted its donation for 2021. The institution is a
systemic solution unique in BiH, as an example of good practice in social protection and support for
families of children and adults with disabilities. All services provided in this institution, are
completely free, and between 75 and 80 percent of their work is funded by the local Government,
while the rest is funded by the same local communities.

Amira Medunjanin (a local famous singer of the traditional Bosnian songs) and Mirza Hajrić (former
Bosnia and Hercegovina Ambassador to Australia), on behalf of Nest Incorporated, delivered the
Edufreeback Play Attention System to the Žepča / Maglaj Day Centre. The donation consists of a
laptop with installed software and accessories, and contains six basic and six additional games,
which aim to help children with special needs to prolong attention, visually monitor the desired
effect, and improve short-term monitoring.

Regarding this donation, the largest Bosnian newspaper “Oslobodjenje” published:

“…The Žepča / Maglaj Day Center, which operates in the Public Institution (JU) Center for Children and Adults with Special Needs of Zenica-Doboj Canton, received a valuable donation in the form of technological needs for working with people with disabilities. The donation was provided by Nest Inc. from Australia with the support of Željko Gojković, a native of Sarajevo who lives in that country, and Mirze Hajrić, the former ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Australia. Support in the realization of the donation was given by Amira Medunjanin, interpreter of the traditional Bosnian songs sevdalinke … Ascom Tešanj implemented a training program on the use of equipment and application of technology in work, thanks to which six employees of the institution were trained to work …”. Re. click to visit the article in the newspaper ” Oslobodjenje“.
Another article published from another source.

” The donation, with the support of Željko Gojković and his wife Pavica Kupčak, who live in Australia, was secured through the company Nest Inc from that country. Medunjanin expressed her “happiness and satisfaction” that her friends came up with the idea to donate this equipment and pointed out that she would “like others to learn from their example.”. Re. Please read the article from another source of information in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The implementation of the educational program for employees was performed by Ascom Tešanj,
Ph.D. Ahc. Kantic, B.Sc. Defectologist-speech therapist.