2018 Nest’s Humanitarian Actions

In January 2018, despite extreme weather conditions, heat and strong wind, the amateur tennis tournament “Australian Closed” was successfully completed.

Thanks to our players, friends and people of good will who contributed to the success of this year’s fundraising event. Nest managed to achieve the goal for 2018 and raise enough funds to deliver goods to children in Šamac, BiH.

With good planning, management and a great response from people who want to contribute to this humanitarian action, our goal has been achieved.

Nest’s 2018 donation has reached those who need it most.

Supporting Program in Šamac, Republic Srpska (BiH), for Children in Need

Dragan Maca Marinković, on behalf of Nest Incorporated, delivered the Edufreeback Play Attention System to the Centre for Social Work (CSR), Šamac.

Thank you all for supporting our biggest fundraising campaign of the year – the Australian Closed 2018, amateur humanitarian tennis tournament. This was the 6th consecutive year, held once more, at the Warringah Recreation Centre in North Manly.

Our goal was achieved by donating the Edufeedback system for attention to reproduction to the Centre for Social Work Šamac, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This system is crucial in providing therapies in a fun and entertaining way to children who have any developmental delays and problems with attention and behaviour. CSR Šamac will offer these treatments to children who have identified their needs, and will work closely with schools and child care centres, as well as with children from other neighbouring municipalities.

Our tournament was very successful despite our competitors struggling with extreme weather, heat and strong winds. Congratulations to all!

Thank you again for your support. It was a great success.