2017 Nest’s Humanitarian Actions

The main goal of Nest is to help individuals, institutions and associations, which through a holistic approach support vulnerable children or youth. Knowing how difficult it is to get funds to improve the living conditions for these little ones, Nest creates opportunities for all good people to participate in humanitarian actions and contribute to it in various ways.

Thanks to our supporters and donors in Australia, our fundraising events for 2017 have successfully raised enough funds to donate medical equipment and goods to the Phoenix Association in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. The goal of this association is to help children and youth with various developmental disabilities.

Nest expresses great gratitude to our public figures who contributed to the success of this project and their honest, great work: Ivan Bekjarev – actor, Vesna Stanković – actress, Jelena Kiš – migration agent, Marija Ivanković – fashion designer and Dušan Duda Bezuha – guitarist and composer.

Supporting Children In Need from Feniks /Pheonix Association

Feniks is a non-for-profit association of persons with disabilities all of kind based in Belgrade and whose aim is to raise awareness and help people with various disabilities.

One Faniks’ statutory goals is to help and support disabled children in need, and we have wisely chosen to provide assistance.

At Nest Inc. we are proud to announce the completion of our charity campaign for 2017 with the donation of much needed goods for disabled people.

Our friends from Feniks/Phenix Association have organised an event at the Youth Cultural Center of Belgrade to make the delivery and completion of our humanitarian action. We have delivered 8 wheelchairs, special cushions dedicated for the use of wheelchairs and special foods for disabled children.

The whole process was lengthy as we had to deal with administration duties and customs, but at the end of the day our great effort were more than worth seeing bright smiles on the children’s faces.

On the behalf of the children and people of the Feniks/Phenix Association we would like to thank all our donors from Australia and our friends in Belgrade for making this 2017 campaign a success.

Special thanks goes to Ivan Bekljarev, Vesna Stanković, Jelena Kiš, Marija Ivanković and Dušan Duda Bezuha.