2016 Nest’s Humanitarian Actions

This year, we donated a car to a small institution that helps and cares for orphans, a home for children and youth without parental care called “Miroslav Mika Antić” from Sombor, Republic of Serbia. The main purpose of this institution is to provide health care, support, social and emotional security, education, proper nutrition and all activities necessary for the proper development of those children and youth.

After a long and persistent process, Nest delivered a Skoda Felicia to this institute with the help of our supporters and donors.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great success of Nest’s humanitarian act.

Nest Supports Children In Need
Jun 2016, Nest Inc. is proud to announce the completion of its charity action initiated with the Australian Closed 2016.

The funds collected were used to provide a vehicle to the children of the Miroslav Mika Antić orphanage in Sombor, Serbia.

The vehicle will be used to transport sick children whenever a visit to a medical centre. By now, the Mika Antić staff were taking ill children to Novi Sad by public transport, which is not very convenient for a trip of approximately 95 kms one-way.

After having consulted with the board of Miroslav Mika Antić orphanage, it was identified that the need for a vehicle was the best option in order to provide a comfortable transport to medical centres and specialists visits for sick children, especially for the once with special needs.

With the help of our supporters and donors we have delivered a Škoda Felicia to this orphanage institute.