2016 Annual Party

The party was great fun! We thank everyone who came to the Frenches Forest on Saturday June 18, to celebrate with us, our annual party, which is now becoming a regular annual event. The atmosphere was superb: music, homemade food, socialising, dancing and all that with a good mood.

Everything was great, and just how we should celebrate the end of our action, which was launched in January this year with the tennis tournament “Australian Closed”.

We also used this opportunity to inform you about the development of our humanitarian action for 2016, which includes the completion of all necessary paperwork, and … the purchased vehicle is on its way to Sombor!

A lot of funds have been raised to buy a passenger vehicle for the Home for Children and Youth “Miroslav Mika Antić” in Sombor, which the staff of this home will be able to transport children for medical examinations. This will greatly facilitate the lives of these children living without parental care, especially children with developmental difficulties. Until now, they have reached doctors and specialists in Novi Sad exclusively by public transport, which is not always easy to organise and perform.

From the funds we collected with your help during this year’s campaign, a Škoda Felicia was purchased and will be delivered to Sombor in a few days.

We will also keep you informed of this development.

We thank everyone once again for your constant contribution & support!