2014 Nest’s Humanitarian Actions “Let’s Replace Tears With A Smile”

This is Nest’s second year of humanitarian actions. All funds raised during this 2014 were forwarded by Nest to Zvečanska 7, Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia. The humanitarian campaign Nest in Zvečanska 7, entitled “Let’s replace tears with a smile”, was supported by Serbian public figures with gratitude, great help and sincere encouragement by engaging in the realisation of this project and announcing this act through local media.

Nest’s 2014 donation helped complete the renovation of the premises in the mother’s home, which is used to accommodate and protect mothers and children at Zvečanska 7, where one pregnant woman and 16 mothers with 22 children were staying at the time.

The works on the renovation of the 65 old dining room and kitchen of the mother’s home lasted a month and a half. This project required a huge effort, but we can proudly say that it was one of our greatest successes, because we had the great and sincere help of many good people who live and work in Serbia.

Nest is especially grateful to our famous guitarist and composer Dušan Duda Bezuha for the selfless great effort invested in the realisation of this project and engagement with the well-known media in promoting this humanitarian act and thus encouraging many other people of good will to do the same.

Without Dušan’s sincere and generous commitment, this project wouldn’t have ended in the same successful way.

Mother’s home is a part of the centre at Zvečanska, with the purpose to protect single mothers and their children who live in poverty, pregnant women and mothers who have just given birth to a baby and whose right to family life is endangered.

Fore more information about this centre, visit their website: http://zvecanska.org.rs/

“For the second year in a row, Nest from Australia are organising a tennis tournament called ‘Australian Closed’, so they are sending all the funds to the children in Zvečanska. This time it was agreed to renovate part of the Mother’s home, and part of the funds for the purchase of equipment – new stove, dishes, kitchen elements …. cracked walls finally got a new shine, electrical installations were replaced, the hallway in the building was renovated, etc. – Dušan Duda Bezuha lists everything that was done in this action. Musician Dušan is one of the organisers of this project. Dušan reminds that one of the founders of the amateur tournament in Sydney is Dragan Gaga Jovanović, but a huge contribution to this act was made by people from Nest Incorporated, Sydney Australia.”

– Part of a story published in a local newspaper