2013 Nest’s Humanitarian Actions

Nest’s first year of humanitarian action began with an amateur tennis tournament called “Australian Closed” (‘AC’), this is the annual and our largest fundraising event organised in January, a week before the main and famous tournament “Australian Open” in Melbourne. This amateur tournament was founded by a group of friends and Serbian famous actor Dragan Gagi Jovanović, who was visiting Australia at that time.

The founders of this AC action had the basic purpose of raising funds to support children in need, which was achieved by sending all the funds raised to Belgrade in Zvečanska 7, the Republic of Serbia, to the home for support of babies, children and youth who needed that help.

Thank you all for your contribution in this first Nest humanitarian act, and special thanks to Dragan Jovanović and his wife, actress Branka Pujić, for being one of the initiators of this event and their sincere support and encouragement.

Tennis, Socialising and Fun … but Humanity comes First!!!
The first initiators, players of the amateur tennis tournament ‘Australian Closed’ in 2013.

Support Children In Need … at Zvečanskoj 7, Belgrade (Serbia)
Australian Closed started in January 2013 as a charitable event aimed at involving people from Australia in a single large community event filled with tennis, music, food and other festivities.

The specific aim was to support children in need.

This project started with a donation of 2 lifting devices for disabled children at Zvečanskoj 7, Belgrade (Serbia).

Nest expresses a gratitude to Dragan Gagi Jovanović for the encouragement in establishing and promoting our very first Australian Closed event.