Nest Incorporated is an association of dedicated members and volunteers whose common purpose is humanity and charitable assistance to children and youth in need. During the year, we organise many fundraising activities to achieve our annual charity goal, which is to improve the social welfare of orphans, vulnerable children and youth in socially and economically disadvantaged regions of the Balkans.

Spontaneously established in 2013, when the idea was created by a group of friends who love tennis. It was the start of Nest’s biggest charity fundraising event, the Australian Closed Amateur Tennis Tournament, an annual humanitarian sporting event. Every year in January, this fundraising event brings together local amateur tennis players. This is an opportunity for the community to get together and to support Nest charity causes.

Since 2013, many donations have been delivered to various addresses in the war-affected region of the Balkan states and also in Australia.

In the past we have also donated essential goods to those in need. Nest proudly confirms that all our delivered donations are still in function: the car marked with the Nest-logo is still in use by the Sombor Orphanage; children in Šamac Center still use the play-therapy equipment donated by Nest; in Banja Luka’s Home for Children without parents, the beds purchased are fully utilised; the renovated premises of Mothers Home at Zvečanska Hospital in Belgrade are at full capacity…. Many other contributions are still fully operational.

Our humanitarian actions are mainly intended to smaller associations that help children without parents, sick  and neglected children in war affected Balkan regions. These donations have often had significant success and have encouraged many other local organisations that have managed to join in these actions and support Nest to further benefit children in need.

We are grateful for the support of all individuals and organisations in Australia and overseas.

We are also thankful to many of our tennis players, actors, and athletes, cultural and public workers who are always happy to get involved in Nest’s actions to encourage and support us through the implementation of our benevolent goals.

During the year, many other activities are organised that support our humanitarian work and help us achieve the annual charity goal.

That is why the slogan of our mission describes us as:


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